MAKING TECHNOLOGY ACCESSIBLEFreedom Connect works with partner and sponsored organizations that conduct high impact anti-trafficking prevention activities in challenging settings. We see gaps, and guide them towards low-cost and low-maintenance tools to deliver more services.
THE TOOLS ARE FREEWe work almost exclusively with free and open source technologies to boost the impact of anti-trafficking work. Most of our partners are working in challenging settings in the developing world. We work with technologies you’re already likely to have in hand and build on them.
MAKING ABOLITION EASIERWe offers 501c3 sponsorship for start-ups and maintain a network of tech consultants - enabling activists to start their project today!

About Us.


Our Mission. Freedom Connect.
Freedom Connect (formerly known as Survivors Connect) is an non profit organization working to develop and extend innovative ICTs to enhance anti-human trafficking efforts. 1300 N St. NW, Washington, DC 20005
Phone: +1 202.630.4196